Home department claims significant decline in crime rate

During the tenure of the interim government from August 14th to December 18th, 2023, Sindh maintained a commendable law and order situation, largely owing to the effective performance of the Sindh Police and Pakistan Rangers Sindh.   A report compiled by the Provincial Home Department, reviewed by the Sindh Caretaker Minister for Home and Prison, Brig. (Rtd.) Haris Nawaz unveiled significant achievements.
Key highlights from the report:  Police Actions Against Crime: – 932 encounters and the dismantling of 458 gangs. – Elimination of 101 dacoits, arrest of 6,458 criminals, and capture of 2 highway robbers and 11 kidnappers. – Apprehension of 5,373 proclaimed offenders and 10,344 absconders. – Recovery of various firearms and ammunition.  Actions Against Narcotics: – Execution of 3,657 raids, leading to the arrest of 5,203 accused individuals. – Seizure of substantial quantities of ICE, heroin, hashish, and liquor.  Crackdown on Smuggling and Electricity Theft: – Multiple operations resulting in arrests and the confiscation of smuggled goods, including sugar, urea, diesel, petrol, edible oil, and others. – Extensive efforts to curb electricity theft, disconnecting 9,173 connections and confiscating faulty meters, with legal action taken against several accused individuals.

Repatriation of Illegal Foreigners: The smooth repatriation of 42,536 illegal foreigners, including undocumented Afghan immigrants, emphasizing a dignified approach without humiliating them.  Furthermore, the report emphasized Pakistan Rangers Sindhs endeavors, including operations against water theft, anti-smuggling operations, and collaborations with authorities to combat hoarding and smuggling activities. Notably, these efforts resulted in reduced smuggling, decreased prices of certain commodities.