Free bikes, mobile phones for street crimes victims in Karachi, announces Sindh Governor

KARACHI – Harrowing incidents of street crimes in Karachi continue to make headlines while citizens were also killed by muggers over resistance but now the government announced free motorbikes and mobile phones for those who have fallen victim to street crimes.
Sindh Governor made the announcement, quoting the shocking numbers of street crimes. It said over 1,700 bikes were stolen in the provincial capital in 2023.

In a sigh of relief for Karachiites, Governor said he would provide new motorbikes and cellphones to those who will bring their original ID card and copy of FIRs to the Governor House.

Tessori was of the view that if all Pakistanis contribute their part, issues like these for common people can be fixed. Acknowledging the existing problems, he said efforts are being made to address the problems being faced by the masses.
He further made announcement about health insurance cards in Sindh that will allow people to avail treatment up to Rs0.5 million for themselves and their families. The governor also assured that this initiative is for everyone as long as they fulfill the requirements.
He asserted that he had not demanded anything from anyone in the past government while holding the coveted position.

He further mentioned ration distribution among 2.5 lac people who are battling worst inflation.
Karachi witnesses sharp increase in street crimes