Fog continues to impede air and road travel

ISLAMABAD: Many parts of the nation have been blanketed in a thick layer of fog, forcing authorities to close roads and making life even more difficult for the populace.
In parts of Punjab and Islamabad, particularly in the morning, heavy fog and smog continue to cause traffic problems on the roads and in the air. Travelers are having difficulties because of the poor visibility.
The Air Traffic Controller reports that on Saturday, inclement weather caused eight international flights to Islamabad to be delayed.
The Jeddah to Islamabad leg of Air Sial flight PF 719 experienced a seventeen-hour delay. The flight PA 217 operated by Air Blue from Dubai to Islamabad was delayed by over ten hours. There was a three-hour delay in Air Blue flight PA275 from Riyadh to Islamabad.
The flight from Islamabad to Urumqi was delayed for over three hours. The Saudi Airlines flight SV 722 from Jeddah to Islamabad was running two hours behind schedule.
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There is an eight and a half hour delay in the PIA flight from Doha to Islamabad. The Serene Air flight from Islamabad to Jeddah is 13 hours behind schedule. The Dubai to Islamabad Air Blue flight was nine hours late.
The M1 between Peshawar and Islamabad has been closed due to fog, according to Motorway Police. Closed from Colonel Sher Khan to Chakdara is the Swat Expressway.
The Hazara Expressway between Shah Maqsood and Burhan is closed. M2 closed between Nila Dulha and Islamabad.
The Met Office predicts that a number of flights and major roads will experience extended delays, and that the situation will probably continue because of the persistent fog and smog.
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The authorities have cautioned the public not to travel needlessly during these severe weather conditions. Be cautious and make appropriate plans.
According to a Motorway Police spokesman, the closure of the motorway is done to avoid accidents.