First Statement after the arrest of Bushra bibi from Jail

“Cancel the deal and put me in jail if I was sent to Bani Gala as part of a deal.” Following the hearing of the illegal marriage case, Bushra Bibi, the wife of former PTI chairman Imran Khan, spoke to journalists in Adiala Jail for the first time.
“If I have been sent to Bani Gala under a deal, cancel the deal and put me in jail,” Bushra Bibi said in a belligerent tone. She said, “I feel like this is all a plan to humiliate me,” expressing mistrust. “My home has become a jail; it is not a hotel,” Bushra Bibi said, highlighting the limitations she must live under. “We are real people, not cowards. She defended her ethics by saying, “We have never done anything wrong in our lives.
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Speaking candidly about her circumstances, the former first lady said, “A person has come to jail for self-arrest, and what can happen.” “Our faith is strong, and we are standing here because of faith,” she said, lamenting the conversion of her house into what she compared to a jail.
When Bushra Bibi recalled her trip to Adiala Jail, she mentioned the uncertainty surrounding her circumstances. “I was informed that I would be going to a little retirement home.” While acknowledging that several people were involved in the negotiations, she made it clear that she was determined, saying, “I am not a weak woman.” She indicated that other people were involved in the negotiations, but she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to tell Imran Khan.
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Bushra Bibi angrily declared, “False accusations were made against me,” in response to the charges brought against her. She denounced the acts meant to damage the party founder’s reputation and lower spirits within it.
She cited Islamic teachings to conclude her speech, saying, “Allah has detested the devil and hypocrites in the Holy Qur’an. “Beards and veils do not equate to goodness.” Bushra Bibi’s open remarks provide insight into her viewpoint in the face of judicial and public scrutiny.