First snowfall of the season in Murree

ISLAMABAD : The district government has released a serious warning for visitors as Murree sees sporadic rain, hailstorms, and the first snowfall of the season in 2024 on Monday.
It is advised that visitors to the scenic hill station, which is close to Khyber Pukhtunkhwa’s Galiyat region with Nathia Gali, be ready for today’s unpredictable Murree weather.
The air became more chilly as the temperature dropped to minus two degrees Celsius, creating the perfect conditions for a wintry show.
The Meteorological Department has sent a warning, stating that during the next 36 to 72 hours, there will be significant snowfall in all upper regions, including Murree.
The Murree district administration has made all the required preparations to deal with the snowfall in order to guarantee readiness.
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The Deputy Commissioner of Murree has announced the establishment of thirteen facility centers throughout the city, all of which are staffed by government employees around-the-clock.
When tourists swarm to Murree to enjoy the snow, they should make sure their cars are in good working order and make sure their kids have enough dry fruit and warm clothing. For added safety and enjoyment, following driving laws is highly recommended.
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The Murree Deputy Commissioner also advised drivers to use fog lights for increased safety as a result of the region’s thick fog, which is causing poor vision.