Final alert: FBR prepared to turn off non-filers’ gas, electricity, and mobile connections

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is preparing to issue final notices for the barring of mobile SIM cards and the cutting off of gas and electricity connections, and it is prepared to take a harsh stance against non-filers.
More than ten days have passed since the compliance deadline, and those who do not reply to the first notices by December 28, 2023, run the immediate risk of being disconnected.
Initially, the government had sent letters to every household in the nation, giving them a month to file their taxes or face harsh penalties.
Notices sent by the FBR under Section 114B specifically cautioned non-filers that failure to comply could lead to the termination of their mobile, gas, and electricity connections.
“Under Section 114B, you were notified to file a return; failure to comply will result in the termination of your gas, electricity, and mobile service. The notifications reiterated, “Please file a return immediately.”
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There are going to be severe consequences for non-filers, according to FBR sources. Mobile SIM cards and non-filers’ phones will be prohibited during the first enforcement phase. The Income Tax General Order is anticipated to be released in January 2024.
Additionally, the FBR has come up with a plan to cut off gas and power connections for anybody who don’t comply.
According to insiders, this month is when the barring of cell phones is expected to happen. Reports suggest that the disconnection or disabling of non-filers’ SIM cards is anticipated to occur in January 2024, with a possible target date of January 15, 2024. However, the precise date of this action has not yet been established.
It is important to remember that the enforcement might take place at any time during the month.
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The aggressive actions taken by the FBR demonstrate the government’s dedication to boosting tax compliance and making sure people fulfill their civic obligation by timely completing their taxes.
In order to prevent the inconvenience of utility and mobile disconnections, non-filers are asked to act right now.