Extension of holidays for Punjab kindergarten and montessori students

LAHORE: As cold weather grips Punjab, Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has extended the week-long holiday for students in kindergarten, montessori, and grade one.
Following the deaths of approximately three dozen children in the province as a result of pneumonia, the chief minister on Wednesday decided to postpone all examinations scheduled for this month.
In addition to announcing the holiday extension, the Chief Minister stated that schools up to class 1 will be closed throughout Punjab.
Meanwhile, during his visit to Children’s Hospital, Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab expressed concern over the rising cases of pneumonia in children.
Mohsin Naqvi called an emergency meeting at Children’s Hospital in Lahore on Wednesday, claiming that eight out of every ten children have pneumonia.
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He added that the majority of the deceased children were babies under the age of six months.
Mohsin Naqvi emphasized the importance of children wearing masks and washing their hands in Lahore.
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He also advises wearing warm clothing in light of the recent increase in cases of viral pneumonia, particularly among children, as highlighted by health experts in Lahore.