ECP imposes fine for code of conduct violations, Here’s all details

Islamabad: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has taken decisive action against violations of the Election Code of Conduct, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to upholding electoral integrity.
Under the vigilant oversight of District Monitoring Officers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, strict enforcement measures have been implemented, resulting in the issuance of notices and imposition of fines on errant candidates and officials.
In a recent development, the District Monitoring Officers have imposed fines totaling Rs966,000 on individuals found guilty of breaching the Election Code of Conduct across various divisions:

In Peshawar Division, candidates incurred fines amounting to Rs95,000.
Malakand Division witnessed fines totaling Rs300,000 for violations.
Hazara Division saw penalties totaling Rs171,000 imposed on violators.
Mardan Division accounted for fines worth Rs105,000.
Kohat Division faced penalties amounting to Rs115,000.
Bannu Division incurred fines of Rs30,000.
Dera Ismail Khan Division witnessed the highest fine of Rs150,000 imposed on violators.

This robust enforcement of electoral regulations underscores the ECP’s steadfast commitment to maintaining a level playing field for all candidates, ensuring transparency and fairness throughout the electoral process.
By holding accountable those who flout the Election Code of Conduct, the ECP sends a clear message that violations will not be tolerated, and that the integrity of the electoral process will be safeguarded at all costs.
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This proactive approach to monitoring and enforcement serves to bolster public confidence in the electoral system, reaffirming Pakistan’s commitment to democracy and the rule of law.
As the nation looks ahead to future electoral events, the ECP’s unwavering dedication to upholding democratic principles remains a beacon of hope, ensuring that every citizen’s voice is heard and every vote counts in shaping the country’s future.