Driver Jobs Openings in Saudi Arabia 2024; Check details here to apply from Pakistan

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to a huge number of Pakistanis and a large number of people migrated to Arab nation for employment opportunities.
Pakistani drivers, like other expatriate workers, are in huge numbers working in Saudi Arabia seeking employment opportunities and better economic prospects, as the homeland saw influx of immigration. Skilled drivers from Pakistan contribute to the workforce in transportation, by providing services such as taxi driving, private chauffeur services, or even working for companies that require transportation for their employees.

Lately, the Saudi Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment announced job vacancies for around 2,000 personal drivers in different cities for the year 2024. Those who are looking to move KSA can contact recruiters through bureau’s website.

The current job position for driving offers salaries between 1,000-1,800 Saudi Riyal, and it comes with additional benefits including free accommodation, food, tickets, medical coverage, health insurance, and transportation.
The people required in above mentioned roles are required to work in several cities for companies or individuals, driving luxury cars and transporting clients between locations.
Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is looking to hire around 2900 truck drivers, with salaries ranging from 1,200-2,200 Saudi Riyal, accompanied by benefits like transportation, accommodation, and health insurance.

Ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia remained deep marked by strong diplomatic relations and cooperation on various fronts.
Last year, Pakistani nationals living in Saudi Arabia sent $540.3 million in remittance followed by UAE, Britain, and US.
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