Despite swings, the stock market remains more green than red

KARACHI: The early hours of Tuesday saw a notable amount of volatility on the stock market, indicating a lively start to the trading day. Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) reported a range of results on Wednesday, with a positive conclusion in the end.
Although the benchmark KSE-100 index had a strong start to the day, profit-taking on Wednesday quickly put pressure on it. Similar movement was observed on Thursday, with an early increase to 64,936.75 points from 64,646.84 points. However, by 11 AM, the index had declined by 157 points, averaging 64,489.64 points.
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Although the telecom industry accounted for the majority of the red-colored stocks, the index’s growth was not sector-specific.
The market is becoming more hopeful-uncertain as a result of investor speculation stoked by significant earnings announcements that are anticipated for the coming week, rupee stability, and possibly good news from the IMF’s tranche review in January.
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In the two hours following the start of trading on Thursday, total trading volumes crossed 90 million. Rs 3.05 billion worth of shares were exchanged during this period.