China mourns death of Pakistan’s ex-foreign minister Sartaj Aziz

BEIJING – People’s Republic of China today expressed profound sadness at the demise of former Pakistani foreign minister Sartaj Aziz, calling him a good friend of the Chinese people.
In a statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin offered heartfelt condolences on the death of Mr Aziz, who died at the age of 95 in Pakistan’s capital.

Wang commended Aziz’s remarkable contributions to strong ties between Iron Brother China and Pakistan.

He remembered Mr Azizi as a seasoned politician, strategist, and economic expert in Pakistan, highlighting his role as a cherished and longstanding friend of the Chinese people.
The spokesperson noted Aziz’s dedication to Pakistan’s prosperity, emphasizing his vigorous efforts in advancing Sino-Pak relations and particularly commending his significant contributions to the initiation and development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
“We express our deep condolences over the passing of Mr. Aziz and sincere sympathies to his family,” the spokesperson said.