Baqar for using intellectual capital for country’s prosperity

Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister Justice (Retd) Maqbool Baqar expressed the urgent need to invest in our nation’s intellectual capital, which will drive forward ambitious minds eager to make meaningful contributions to society. This he said on Friday while speaking at the signing ceremony of the MOU between IBA Karachi and JFF -UGI for gifting a school of Computer Science to IBA here at a local hotel.
The program was attended by Malhat Awan Director of Alumni Affairs IBA, IBA Dean Dr Shakeel A Khoja, Executive Director Dr S Akbar Rizvi, Dr Hasnain Walji Executive Director UGI, Alhaj Mohamed taki Jaffer Chairman Jaffer Family Foundation, and others. The CM said that a building worth $1.5 million has been gifted to the School of Computer Science and Mathematics at IBA by JFF-UGI. “This act of generosity represents more than just financial support; it is a significant investment in the intellectual capital of our nation,” he said and added this gift highlighted a shared vision to empower and innovate and to propel aspiring minds forward who are eager to contribute meaningfully to our society. Justice Baqar said on this day, we found ourselves at a crossroads where possibility and progress meet.

“This is a testament to the significant impact that collective dedication to education can bring about,” he said and expressed his gratitude towards the Jaffer Family Foundation for their pivotal role in reshaping the future of higher education in Pakistan. In a data-driven world, the importance of expertise in data science cannot be emphasised enough, the CM said and added the collaboration between the School of Computer Science and Mathematics at IBA Karachi was an acknowledgement of the crucial role of specialised education in data science. “This collaboration recognizes that the future is being shaped by data and highlights the need to equip our students with the necessary skills to succeed in this evolving field,” he said. Interim CM said that the statistics related to higher education in Pakistan revealed the challenges we were facing. “Although there has been a noticeable improvement in primary education enrolment, many students still face difficulties when it comes to transitioning to higher education,” he said and added that a significant percentage of eligible students were unable to access universities due to various socioeconomic barriers.
He said that the lack of resources, along with a scarcity of specialised institutions, particularly in fields such as computer science and mathematics, highlighted the pressing need for initiatives like this collaboration. The dedication and exceptional generosity displayed by Muhammad Taki Jaffer, Dr. Hasnain Waljee, Sadiq Jaffer, Ali Asad Hemani, Raza Pirbhai, Ehtesham Riaz, and Tatheer Fatima were truly inspirational, the CM said and added that their shared conviction in the transformative power of education served as a beacon of hope, guiding the way for countless individuals who aspired to achieve their goals. Dr. Akbar Zaidi, the Executive Director of IBA Karachi, and his exceptional team deserve utmost commendation for their relentless pursuit of academic excellence, Justice Baqar said and added that their dedication to nurturing talent and fostering an environment conducive to learning is the bedrock upon which this transformative collaboration thrives.
“As we conclude, let us not consider this act of philanthropy in isolation, but rather as a catalyst for bringing about a systemic change,” he said and added this partnership between the Jaffer Family Foundation and IBA Karachi has the potential to break down barriers, encourage innovation, and develop a more inclusive educational ecosystem.