ARY Anchor Ashfaq Satti Accused of Domestic Violence by Wife

In a deeply troubling account shared online, a woman, identified as the wife of prominent ARY News anchor Ashfaque Ishaque Satti, has come forward with shocking allegations of domestic abuse. Recounting the ordeal she endured on Monday, January 22nd, she detailed enduring hours of relentless violence at the hands of her husband.
According to her statement, Satti allegedly picked her up from her mother’s house before subjecting her to a brutal assault, during which he reportedly dragged her by her hair, slammed her against walls, and attempted to suffocate her with a pillow. The victim, who suffered severe injuries including broken ribs, a fractured jaw, and extensive bruising, also claimed that Satti threatened to kill her and dispose of her body.
Despite her pleas for mercy and assistance, she alleges that both Satti and his mother, who was present during the incident, callously ignored her cries for help. After being locked in a room without food or water for days, the victim managed to escape and seek medical attention.
Following a lengthy struggle, an FIR (First Information Report) was filed with the police. However, the victim asserts that little progress has been made in pursuing justice due to Satti’s purported influence and pressure on law enforcement. With the accused reportedly evading authorities, the victim has appealed to the public for support in her quest for justice

Trigger Warning ‼️ Nomaika , Age 27, this girl is suffering from multiple injuries right now on her entire body, mainly ribs, jaw & face. Every part of her body is badly injured.She was beaten almost to death by her own husband who is a News anchor and program host.
— Rabia Anum Obaid (@RabiaAnumm) January 28, 2024

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