Another telling proof of Indian Army leadership’s incompetence

Several Indian Army officers and officials have been killed in attacks by Kashmiri freedom fighters in 2023, as the military unleashed a wave of cruelty on innocent Kashmiris, violating UN resolutions for decades.
In 2019, India’s BJP-led government stripped off the special status of occupied Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 of its constitution.

In December, Lt General Sandeep Jain, a three-star officer of the Indian Army, was dismissed over the killing of three citizens. Lt Gen NavinSachdeva then took over the charge of White Knight Corps General Officer Commanding from Lt Gen Jain.

The Indian media claimed the officer was removed over poor performance. Lt Gen Jain was held responsible for the death of fellow soldiers and innocent Kashmiris.
On Dec 21, 2023, four Indian soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack in Rajouri. The army had blamed three innocent civilians for the killings.
The Indian Army had brutally tortured the innocent Kashmiris and martyred them. Later, their videos were broadcast on social media, in which the atrocities of the Indian army could be seen.

The leadership of the Indian Army seems lacking in skills and decision-making powers. The continuous failure of the top army leadership is proving to be an embarrassment for the forces.
The professional incapability of the Indian Army’s top leadership is proving disastrous for its soldiers deployed in Kashmir. Due to its incompetence, the Indian armed forces have failed to suppress the independent Kashmir movement.—INP