All officials accountable to the Public: Ahmed Shah

The caretaker provincial minister for information, minority affairs, and social Protection, President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi emphasized that no officer or minister should hesitate to face the media, as all officials are answerable/accountable to the public. He stated, “One by one, the performance of other departments will be presented to the public.” Muhammad Ahmad Shah disclosed that, as per the concerted of Caretaker Chief Minister Sindh Justice Retired Maqbool Baqer, a series of briefings titled “Minister should be present” has commenced to inform the public about the departments’ performance through media channels.
This marks the sixth briefing in the series. Minister Mubeen Jamani, addressing the conference, cautioned against making accusations without concrete evidence. The caretaker provincial minister highlighted the ongoing success of ministerial presentations and acknowledged the mixed nature of feedback received. He credited the positive changes in the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) to Minister Mubeen Jumani, asserting that officers and ministers should not fear facing the media.

He pledged to bring more departments forward for public scrutiny. Regarding the SBCA, he clarified that, despite concerns, significant improvements have been made under the caretaker government. He urged the media to refrain from baseless allegations and emphasized the need for solid evidence.
The minister also mentioned a previous press conference addressing the Police Department’s performance. Director General SBCA, Muhammad Ishaq Khoro, assured that the authority is working diligently. He stated that illegal constructions are promptly addressed, and efforts are made to demolish them. Khoro urged residents to be vigilant about unauthorized constructions in their areas, commending current builders for their quality work.